How To Get Involved





Getting involved at Weatherly is easy!
We believe God has called each person into ministry.  Some people have been taught that ministry occurs by those who have special callings or schooling.  That is not what I believe God’s word teaches.  By reading Ephesians 4:11 we can easily see that the primary calling of pastors is to equip people for ministry not to do it for them.

At Weatherly you can get involved as soon as you wish.  There are certain guidlines required but they are simple.
1. You don’t have to be a member of Weatherly Assembly.

2. You do need to attend our “New Beginnings” Class.

3. To work with children or youth, you will be required to submit a form whereby we can perform a background check.  This is unfortunate, but considering the day we live in, we must protect our children and this background check helps us determine quickly if anyone has had issues in the past that would place our children at risk.  You can download a pdf file of the request form by clicking here.

4. Meet with Pastor Nick